Book Covers


I know, I know we should never judge a book by it’s cover, but of course, deep down, we all do! One thing I wanted to do was examine the different trends in book covers.

Books which had amazing covers, but were unfortunately disappointing:

imageTeenager Carrying His GirlfriendTeardrop

Books which didn’t have a great cover but I loved regardless:


Book covers which made me look twice:


Book covers that have convinced me to read the book:

11235712 1783849017586458

Looking through my books, the most commonly occurring colour seems to be the colour blue:

image 20613726image

Other trends that I noticed in book covers were that:

They contain a lot of kissing:

22835815 imageimage

Or at least, couples looking longingly in love:


Many of them are predominantly just text:

Adobe Photoshop PDF11870085Let's Get Lost

And there were so many books where half of the people’s faces were just cut off:

In Real Life6936382Everything Changes

But all in all, these are just some my favourite book covers:


What’s your favourite book cover and why? Does a book cover influence whether you want to read a book or not? Have you noticed any trends in book covers?


6 thoughts on “Book Covers

  1. I never judge a book by its cover, mainly because I never have to. At the moment, I have a gigantic list of authors I’m interested in, so when I go into a bookshop I just look for them. I’ve never just bought a book because of the synopsis or the cover. However, I always appreciate a good cover.

    In regards to trends, within fantasy literature, in any case, I’ve noticed a couple in the past while:
    1) Random sword in the middle of the cover
    2) Mysterious man whose face is covered by a hood.
    3) Crowns
    4) People holding weapons

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