Review: Us- David Nicholls

UsUs by David Nicholls
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Douglas’ family is seemingly falling apart in front of his very eyes. Connie, his wife has decided to leave him, and his relationship his son Albie, is poor to say the least.

“I was looking forward to us growing old together. Me and you, growing old and dying together.”

“Douglas, who in their right mind would look forward to that?”

So what does Douglas do? He takes them on a Grand Tour of Europe, in the hope of making everything better.

This book really demonstrated how families and relationships really work – no family is perfect nor are they completely functional! “Us” gives an in depth perspective of marriage and the ways in which children and their parents relate.

One thing I really enjoyed about this book was the way in which the novel went back and forth in time: from the present day to the early days of Connie and Douglas’ relationship. We get to see the how the two meet and how exactly they work together. We get to see that when they first meet, meaning that as a reader I felt as if I was on a journey with Douglas and Connie.

The novel takes place across various locations in Europe, and Nicholls certainly does the beauty of these cities justice. I felt that if I peered over the book’s pages then I would actually be there myself. This is a skill hard to come by in many works, however Nicholls masters it perfectly.

Please don’t brush this aside as another “One Day”. Both books are enjoyable reads but they are not comparable. If you’re looking for contemporary fiction which will make you laugh, and yes, possibly cry then “Us” is certainly for you!

Thank you to Bookbridgr for this lovely signed giveaway.


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