Review: Every Ugly Word – Aimee L. Salter

Every Ugly WordEvery Ugly Word by Aimee L. Salter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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When Ashley Watson looks in the mirror she sees not just herself, but she also sees her “older self” too……

Surely being able to see yourself in years to come would be something we would all want, right? We would know exactly how to prepare and if we would want to change anything that could have an adverse effect on our life……

But for Ashley it’s not that easy. Manipulated and bullied at school, Ashley just wants a normal life.

It’s not often I say this but this book was so unique. I loved the way in which it alternated from Ashely talking to the doc and then to the scenarios which ultimately lead to her downfall. It meant that we really got an insight to Ashley and her story. The alternations were smooth and had a sense of order, which is something not a lot of writers are able to do.

The characters in this book were incredible. Ashley, for starters was an incredible character to read about. As someone who has been bullied I understand the fear that grips you everyday, the anxiety you feel in your stomach, the way in which is affects everything you do throughout your day – salter takes all of this into consideration. Even Matt, Ashley’s best friend was an interesting character. He had his attractive traits, but at the same time he wasn’t perfect, he had so many flaws – and I loved that about him.

All in all, this book was incredible. It gives a different perception on the ways bullying affects individuals and the people around them. A must read!


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