Review:Scratch – Rhonda Helms

ScratchScratch by Rhonda Helms

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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Scratch follows Casey, a DJ in a nightclub, who also has had a dreadful past. When Casey DJs, that’s the only time she feels as if she is free, the rest if her time is spent alone, locked away in her room. But when she starts to get to know the attractive Daniel from her Philosophy class, can everything begin to change?

At first, Daniel seemed like such a sweet, honest and caring character, so I could see why Casey fell for him. However, I slowly began to realise that he became less and less of a decent guy as the book went on. For instance, whenever he asked Casey about her past or childhood, she shut him off, which (in my opinion) is understandable. But when she finally plucks up the courage to be open with him about the traumatic events of her childhood, he then tries to force her to go and visit her family’s graves. Seriously, insensitive much? Although Casey did need to try and let go of her past, this surely is not the way to do it? Personally, I just feel like Daniel was not the “good guy” he was made out to be, and so I really don’t see how Casey was so attracted to him after this point.

On the other hand, I actually liked Casey. She may have been difficult at times by pushing people away, but I do think that that’s understandable due to her circumstances. I was really happy to see her slowly coming out of her shell, and I do think that as a character, Helms developed her strongly.

However, I do feel like this book would have been so much better if only the sensitive topics were dealt with in a more mature way, instead of having a domineering love interest. If Daniel’s character was different then I feel like Scratch may have received 3 or even 4 stars from me – that’s how much Daniel bothered me.


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