Review: A Little Something Different – Sandy Hall

A Little Something DifferentA Little Something Different by Sandy Hall

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley for this free book!

A Little Something Different is an apt title, this book IS a little bit different, but in a new, exciting and refreshing way.

A Little Something Different is a book from fourteen different viewpoints, all telling the love story between Lea and Gabe. These fourteen different viewpoints include their friends, Starbucks Baristas, even a squirrel!

Why I loved this book:

1. Whilst I do enjoy books which are very emotion heavy, sometimes I like a change. Sometimes I just want a light, enjoyable and fun read, A Little Something Different was definitely that!

2. I loved Gabe, he was so delicate (for lack of a better word) and shy, and it was interesting to find out why his self confidence was so low as the book unfolded.

3. The fact that Gabe and Lea’s creative writing professor even tries to get them together! Teachers aren’t normally the sort of characters you would expect to have this mindset, so it was really lovely to see how much she invested in getting them together!

4. I felt involved in the story. I felt like another character, another POV in the book, who also wanted to get them to get together, I felt invested in the characters, so hats off to Sandy Hall for making such great characters.

5. I don’t like to judge books by their covers, but that cover is gorgeous


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