Review: Model Position – Kitsy Clare

Model PositionModel Position by Kitsy Clare

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you Netgalley for this free galley!

Model Position follows Sienna, an artist, who enjoys neatness and order, but when she meets Erik, her drawing model, all that changes. Sienna is stuck between choosing Dave, who could give her the career she’s always longed for or Erik, the man she’s frantically lusting over…

Wow was my first reaction to this novella – I loved it. Sadly, it just wasn’t long enough…. Kitsy Clare has such a talent for writing, and I was almost rooting for Sienna to get her big break AND Erik. Although Sienna originally seemed rather selfish in her relationship with Dave, this was soon overcome by her meeting with Lydia. I guess that has redeemed her.

The ending was so passionate and heart-warming and when I had finished I was literally sat in awe “like, what do I do now? That can’t just be it!” But then again isn’t that how literature should make the reader feel?

Model Position is a fantastic, quirky, lustful love story. I would recommend this novella for anyone who enjoys NA romance!


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