Review: Everything Changes – Samantha Hale

Everything ChangesEverything Changes by Samantha Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Raven has never been interested in boys, at the age of seventeen she hasn’t ever had a boyfriend, despite her friends trying to get set her up with guys, she’s never really been too bothered. But when she meets Morgan, who has just broken up with her girlfriend, Raven begins to fall for her – finally admitting to herself the truth behind her sexuality.

Everything Changes is a quick yet heartfelt read about the struggles of “coming out” to your friends and family. This isn’t some rose-tinted story where everything goes to plan, not everyone is accepting of Raven’s sexuality, however this is (sadly) like real life, which to me gives the book added depth and hence makes it seem much more realistic.

I loved Morgan’s character in this book – she was intelligent and caring towards Raven, and had understandably mixed feelings in regards to whether she should pursue a relationship with her or not. Whilst the story put more focus on Raven, Morgan was her backbone and I loved reading about such a great character.

Whilst this book isn’t perfect (Raven was hard to like at first), it is still an enjoyable read. It demonstrates the true meaning of friendship and love. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA romance about the hardships of discovering your sexuality.


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