Review: Far Far Away – Tom McNea

Far Far AwayFar Far Away by Tom McNeal

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thanks to Netgalley for this free Ebook!

This isn’t your average, happy fairy tale.

Far, Far Away is a dark story about Jeremy, his Ghosty friend Jacob Grimm and Ginger set in the fictional town of Never Better.

Children have been disappearing for a long time in Never Better, and no one knows why. It is only when young Jeremy and Ginger go missing themselves that they begin to find out what happens to the children…. And what the real motives of Sten, the Swedish baker really are…..

The main reason I rated this book so highly is because it is so refreshing and appeals to a wide audience (older children and upwards!). Although Far Far Away is a modern fairy tale, it does not lose it’s authenticity. It has its happy moments, and its very sad moments, but most of all it shows the audience what friendship really is.

I would recommend Far Far Away to anyone who loves the old Brothers’ Grimm tales and a sense of mystery, with, of course, fun thrown in too!


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