Review: Gold Rush – Jordan Lynde

Gold RushGold Rush by Jordan Lynde

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thanks Netgalley for this free Ebook!

Iris’ life is changed forever when the ultra popular band Gold enrol at her school. Sounds like something any teenage girl would love, right? Not true! Iris in fact, isn’t too interested, to her, school is all about maintaining her scholarship. But when Iris meets the band in the library she is given the task of showing them around. This begins a complex set of relationships between Iris, Gold and her two friends Chloe and Kevin. Oh, and the band Chasing Silhouettes (Iris’ brother is in an even more popular band than Gold – coincidence, eh?).

One thing I can say about this book is that I really admire the author Jordan Lynde. Purely for the fact that she gained her popularity on Wattpad and because of this she got a publishing contract from Random House. I think it’s brilliant that writers are getting recognition from posting their work online.

What did bother me about the book though was the band itself. I didn’t really know WHO they were. At first I thought they were your typical One Direction act, due to the hysteria which overtakes Oakwood Academy when the boys enrol. But then wait, then they’re actually just “skinny guys with piercings” which is cool, I guess they could still be a boyband, right? Until (wait for it), they’re actually a pop punk band: “I like to say we’re pop-punk. Or alternative”. Not that I have anything against pop punk (I have a lot of “pop-punk” records myself), but I honestly can’t see even the most popular real bands of that genre (Fall Out Boy? All Time Low?) creating such chaos from an entire school. But what do I know? Maybe I’m just being picky. Or I might have just been too old for this book. It was like something I would daydream about age 13.

However, Gold Rush does redeem itself, it is fun and it is quite cute. if you don’t want to take a book too seriously, then I would recommend it to anyone those who want a lighthearted YA novel!


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