Review: Between The Lives – Jessica Shirvington

Between the LivesBetween the Lives by Jessica Shirvington

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Sabina lives two lives. One day she wakes up with a perfect family and boyfriend. The next day she wakes up with the complete opposite. Any changes made to Sabina’s body in one life are brought through into the next – that is, however, until she breaks her arm in one life, but when she wakes up the next day in her other life her arm is perfectly fine…. With the sudden realisation that she may actually be able to only live one life Sabina conducts a series of experiments on her body, which results in her hospitalisation, where she meets Ethan who allows everything to change.

Between The Lives grabs all your attention and after completion is one of those books which you cannot stop thinking about. Whilst Between the Lives is somewhat reminiscent of David Levithan’s ever so slightly disappointing Every Day it cannot be mistaken as yet another typical YA paranormal romance.

With thoughts of Levithan’s work in my mind I was expecting to be disappointed if the book didn’t provide an explanation as to Sabina’s “shifting”, but actually, although Shirvington doesn’t provide an explanation I was not disappointed at all. This book wasn’t about finding out WHY Sabina’s life was the way it was. It was about finding ways in which she could embrace her lives. If too much focus was put on the logistics in this novel then I feel like that would take away from the message behind the story.

On a whole, this book will make you laugh, cry and most importantly, leave you longing to read more. Between The Lives is a rare find and I would recommend it to any fans of YA.

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